Two Revolutionizing Inventions


The rise of the bicycle during the late 1800's created a revolution for tinkerers and those looking to capitalize on the latest fashion. Technology of the era catered heavily to this growing market, and patents surged for any and all ideas thought to make riding a bicycle more fun, more efficient, more faster and on all accounts just more better. 

In the January 9th, 1896 edition of The Referee and Cycle Trade Journal, The Chronodometer Co. of Worcester, Massachusetts took out a 2-page ad showcasing its latest offerings.

The first, a "chronodometer" - a tool for measuring time, distance, and speed - a "marvel" said to revolution bicycle racing and pace-making. I think they were on to something.

The second, a Home-Trainer, where it is said "...the racer can practice regularly, and in secret. Storms, bad roads and tracks - the racer's worst enemies, are now no longer a cause of defeat." 

The written word, particularly in sales, was quite an interesting form of communication throughout this time. I love its strong, matter-of-fact persuasion. Check out The Chronodometer Co.'s two pager below.